Week 5: finishing up prototype and preparing HacknPlan

Last week our prototyping sprint got extended by one week so we could really show how fun our game is to play. For the start of sprint 2, the developers continued working on the prototype and the game graphics were allowed to get into production of the game.

We first thought up everything that would have to be done to make our full game, development-wise as well as art-wise. We used HacknPlan to put everything to the last detail into design elements and then use these to make our tasks for the next sprints. We tried to estimate how long each task would take and assigned all the tasks we would do during sprint 2.

We also had a brainstorm session for the title of our game. A heap of funny and punny titles were made up. We all had our favourites but eventually we agreed upon the name 'Sacrifumble'.

-------------  Development  ----------------


Being me working on this project is a whole load of fun. I got to fix a bunch of issues that arose last week right before submitting And bugs that arose this week. This included making sure the correct minions were altered when walking into traps and having them respawn at the correct locations. It took several days to figure out what was wrong. Apparently some new systems that were implemented for controls didn't enjoy working together with the  old minion-overlord-switch-a-roo-system.
This has ended up as a pretty good example of source control. One of the older versions did work (obviously) and once implemented did the trick.

Once this was up and running I started refining the traps a bit. The old system had a single red square on the floor the minions could not step on. The new system is big, moves, and changes colour when it is or is not available for activation by the overlord . It works great!

Finally, with these new systems I managed to fumble together a new prototype level making better use of these traps.
Small corridors, multiple paths, traps completely blocking the way. Life was good again.
Until the camera started being its own delightful self. The camera doesn't follow the players correctly, especially when going higher up the tower. While I could fix this, I wont. It's 1 am at time of writing. I'm tired and should go to bed. Let's hope the people playing tomorrow won't get too high up the tower.


Newer, bulkier, better

Being the last person to have been working on the project the evening before feedback, I made another build and posted it to this wonderful site.


This week I set out to implement keyboard controls. In order to do this I researched the use of player controllers to manipulate pawn movement.

I ended up setting up a system that controlled pawns and could easily switch controlled pawns at runtime. However when we tried to implement this in the prototype everything broke and things got over complicated. Note to self: use this system in production built because prototype is becoming a mess.
I endend up spending way more time on this than I planned to but that said I think the research was very helpful again to make the production build better suited for what we are trying to do.

I wanted to redesign the level to deal with the lack of "fun factor" but we argued that this would be a waste of time and time could be spent on implementing more features so I had to stop making the level.

-------------  Art   ----------------


I focused on making some particle effects this week. I added a heathaze to the fire particle from last week, made a smoke particle and a waterfall particle. I tried to make these effects basic and stylized, which was quite different from the tutorials I found online. Most of those were more realistic. With some trial and error, this made each effect take around 1 hour 30 each.


I didn't get quite as much done this week as I would've liked to due to other deadlines I had to make, but I still got something done. Generally working on assets now, I modeled and textured a rotating platform asset. I kept in mind to highlight the edges so it pops out a little to the player, and added a big ol' cog/wheel thingy to show its rotating function.
More assets are in progress.


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Mar 14, 2018

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